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At Joy we believe there is always room for making things more joyful. That is why we are making the most joyous event of everyone's life, weddings, a little more joyful. We are building a virtual bridesmaid that will help you navigate your Big Day and plan it perfectly to the last detail. It is BIG task and we are a small team, which means you will be key player in an early stage startup and will have a lot of fun dabbling in all aspects of building a great product and a great company. We are just getting started.

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Work culture


We are a passionate bunch and love questioning our assumptions

Always learning

We work towards being better everyday. We learn from each other's skill sets and are constant challenging our own boundaries


We want you to remember where you started from and use that to help your peers empathetically

Bias towards action

We run experiments, analyze, improve and iterate. When stuck, don't invest a lot of cycles in trying to find the ideal solution, instead try to chip away at the problem with smaller iterative improvements.

Our coding philosophy

Code should be maintainable

Code should be understandable and readable by others. We believe when you look at your code after two years, you should get the mindset you were in when you wrote it. Others should be comfortable improving it, without the need to rewrite it.

Correctness of code should be easily verifiable

Code should not only do what it is supposed to do, but looking at it should be easy to rationalize its correctness. Modularize, isolate complicated code, isolate concerns and responsibilities.

Code needs to be efficient enough to be usable/workable

Writing highly optimized code takes time. Its a important skill to have, but it's detrimental to apply it everywhere. If we fix the slowest part of a pipeline something else will always take its place as slowest. Everything should be fast enough and no more.