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We’re here to help troubleshoot and solve any speed bumps you may encounter. Have questions? We’re here to help! Our most commonly asked questions are below, and you can reach our support team at support@withjoy.com.

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What does Joy cost?

Joy wedding websites, planning tools, registry, and online Save the Dates and invitations are free!

Do you have a support team we can reach out to if we have questions?

Absolutely! Our amazing support team works hard around the clock, every day of the week, including weekends, to make sure that your questions are answered. You can send us an email at support@withjoy.com.


Joy seems to offer a lot of different features. Can I pick and choose what to use?

Most definitely. We designed Joy's wedding website builder to accommodate weddings of all shapes and sizes. You can remove any functionality of Joy that does not apply to your wedding. Don't have a wedding party? Don't want a wedding day countdown? Simply remove a section from your dashboard and it will automatically be removed from your website and app.

Can I customize my wedding site for particular guests, for example my wedding party or rehearsal dinner guests?

Yes, you can edit your schedule visibility so only particular wedding events and their details are shown to only specific guests. You can also add password protection to all sections of your site so only guests can see your wedding info.

Can I use my website in stages? Meaning, can I have some information live and not others?

You can absolutely update your website at any time. If you have any information that has yet to be resolved, feel free to put a TBD or remove it for the time being. Your guests will not be updated if you make changes automatically, but you can send out an email from our platform to let them know.

Do you support custom domains?

Yes, you can purchase a domain name directly from Joy (or use a domain you already have) and set it up to forward to your withjoy.com URL when someone visits that domain.

Can I use the website without the app?

You can use Joy to create your wedding website and not share the download links to install your wedding app. However, if you want your guests to be able to upload photos to your website, they will need the app.

What do I need to open a Joy account?

You can create a Joy account using either your email or Facebook.

What should be on a wedding website?

The basic function of a wedding website is to communicate all the important details your guests need to know about your big day, including your wedding date, location, dress codes, and gift registries. Check out our 19 Tips for Building a Perfect Wedding Website for more inspiration and guidance.

When I share my website with someone, what can they see?

When your guest receives their invitation, they’ll see a personalized version of your wedding site. That means they’ll see the schedule they’re meant to see alongside the pages you’ve allowed them access to.

Can I customize the pages that appear on my website?

Yes! Joy allows you to create custom wedding website pages, or even adapt your site for other important events such as anniversaries, birthday parties, and baby showers.

Guests & RSVP

Is there a limit to the number of guests I can add to Joy?

The more the merrier. Big or small, Joy is built to scale.

Can I have multiple people edit my wedding? Like my partner or planner?

Yes! Adding multiple admins to your account is simple. You can make any guest an admin of your event.

Can I give my guests a specific number of plus ones?

Yes, you can assign any number of plus ones per guest, whether that’s 0 or 20.

Do I need to know all my plus ones’ names?

Short answer: No. We know people might find significant others or change who they’re bringing to the party. For those cases, you can simply assign them a slot to bring someone.

Do I need to know a guest’s email addresses before they RSVP?

You don’t need to know a guest’s email address for them to be able to RSVP. However, if you are sending ecards to your guests via Joy before they RSVP you will need guests’ email addresses to send them.

Do guests need to create an account to RSVP?

No. Creating an account is totally optional and the prompt comes after guests complete their RSVP.

What percentage of the guest list comes to a wedding?

You can generally expect about 85% of local guests and 55% of out-of-town guests to attend your wedding when predicting your guest count.

How do I shorten my wedding guest list?

It depends on a few factors. Explore Getting Started With Your Wedding Guest List for more information on how to navigate wedding planning and your guest list preferences.

Mobile App

Is it easy for guests to sign in and use the app?

Yes! Guests just need to download the app and enter the name of your event (and your password if the event is private) to access all of the guest features.

Can I just use the app?

Absolutely. Though Joy automatically creates a website for you when you enter all your wedding information, you don't have to use it. In fact, your guests can RSVP right in app.

Is the app free?

Of course; you’ll never have to pay for your Joy website or app.

Do all my guests need to download the app?

Unless you request it and anticipate using the app to send messages to your guests, your guests do not need to download it.

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